Coconut Libtool

All-in-one data mining and textual analysis tool for everyone.

Looking to unlock the power of textual data?  

It's designed to assist social scientists, librarians, or anyone in the fascinating world of data analysis. Whether you're working with vast collections of text, conducting research, or enhancing user experiences, Coconut Libtool is your best companion. 

No code

You don't need to code anything. Just click.

No install

Having a slow connection? Run from the cloud.

Totally free

....and will forever be free to support open science.

To cite the Coconut Libtool, please use the following reference: 

Santosa, F. A., Lamba, M., George, C., & Downie, J. S. (2024). Coconut Libtool: Bridging Textual Analysis Gaps for Non-Programmers. arXiv.